What is an Audio Learner?

There are 4 types of learning styles that   enable people to take in information. Many people have more than one learning style and can definitely benefit from using them. Yet most people will rely on their dominant learning style when taking in new information. Often times they do so this without realizing it.

We will be talking about one of these learning styles-Audio Learning. This type of learner is great to have in a classroom, small group or as a study buddy.   

What is an Audio Learner?

An Audio Learner is someone who takes in information by listening, speaking and interacting with others in order to learn. These types of students are great because they love to participate in class.  Lectures, verbal directions and reading aloud is best for this learner.

Strengths of Audio Learners

Audio learners have great memories. They retain what they have heard and are great at following verbal directions. They understand the change of tones in voices. So, they can distinguish what’s important and what’s not.  

Teachers like this type of learner because they love to participate in class. The audio learner is great at explaining ideas and concepts. They are often out going and are gifted story tellers. They excel at giving speeches or oral presentations.

This audio learner is a positive addition to a study group. Because they are great at explaining concept’s and can help others to understand. They remember what was said and can add what others have forgotten. 

The Audio learner is able to work out complex problems by talking out load.  You can often find themselves talking out loud to themselves. 

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Strategies for the Audio Learner

To help this type of learner it’s best to sit in the front of the class. They need to be able to hear what is being said and how it’s being said. 

Participation in class discussions is a must because it helps them to understand the information better. When it’s time to study they need to find a quiet place to study that they can read their notes or read text books out loud. This allows them to hear the information. Especially if there is a lot of reading involved such as a book report or several chapters to read.

Get a study buddy, someone to quiz verbally. Audio learners learn best when they can hear others or their own voice. They also can help their buddy understand new concepts and ideas. 

They can record themselves going over their notes and listen to them before going to bed or while walking to school. This is a great tool to use because they can relisten to their notes over and over again.

Repeating facts with their eyes closed this helps the student focus solely on their voice. This is very effective if recording does not work for them. Listening is most important. 

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I have shared that my son is visually impaired. He had to use his other senses and his hearing is very good. As he was growing up, we read aloud a lot. He listened to audio books and we quizzed him verbally when he had tests.  It was not always easy yet it was so important for us to help him be successful.

If you think you have an Audio Learner keep in mind they need to listen, speak and interact to understand.  Read out load to your child. Talking or asking questions about what you have read will help them better understand. Let them ask questions to and answer as detailed as you can that is age appropriate. This way they can process the information.  It’s most important to meet them where they are at.

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