Building a Snowman

Our Team has created “Building A Snowman” with FUN in mind. After the Holidays winter can seem so long and cold. This kit will help to keep your kids busy.

All our kits are full of FUN activities, facts, worksheets, games, puzzles, crafts and more. This kit has all of that and more.

Our team has loved putting these kits together. We have had so much FUN coming up with neat ideas, fun ways to learn to keep kids busy.

We hope your kids have as much fun as we have putting this together.

Fun Facts


Fun Activities

Little Books



  • Print Outs
  • Markers
  • scissors
  • glue
  • Construction paper (optional)


  • Pick which head you want your snowman to have. Color head and scarf and cut out.
  • Cut out the number of snowballs that fits your name (Willa-5).
  • Write each letter on a snowball.
  • Glue together on a piece of construction paper or just glue snowman together.
  • Hang up for everyone to see. Enjoy!


  • Snowflake printout
  • Construction Paper: light blue and dark blue
  • Tacky glue or glue stick
  • Scissors


  • Glue printout to dark or light paper.
  • Cut out little squares out of the blue paper not used. Squares should be about 1/2″ each.
  • Put tacky glue on the snowflake.
  • Have your little one put the pieces of paper to form the snowflake.
  • Let dry and enjoy!