Our newest Exploring Our World kit on “BUTTERFLIES” is loaded with lots of activities. We have some Fun poems, life cycles, worksheets, puzzles, books, and more.

We have made up two life cycles, the first is of the Monarch butterfly because the Monarch is one of the most common butterflies.

The second life cycle was made for the Painted Lady Butterfly. If you choose to order butterflies through Insect Lore that’s the type they will send you.

If you are choosing to order Butterflies please keep in mind the weather in your area. It needs to be warm during the day and night or it may be a shorter life for your butterflies once you release them.


Miss Karen &

The Willa Bean & Co. Team

Fun Facts

Life Cycle

Little Book

Butterfly Sequencing

Parts of a Butterfly


Fun Activities




  • Paint- any colors you want to use.
  • Butterfly print out
  • Black construction paper
  • Q-tips and cotton balls


  • Once you print out the butterfly place over the black paper and fold in half.
  • Cut out the butterfly
  • Paint only inside on the right side.
  • When you get the right side painted fold over the paper and gently rub until the paint is on both sides.
  • Let dry.
  • Use lots of colors and make more to hang up. Enjoy!


  • Printouts
  • Colored tissue paper
  • Scissors
  • Laminator/ sheets or use contact paper


  • Print the butterflies out and cut out
  • Cut tissue paper into small squares. We used Bright colors because that is what Willa wanted to use.
  • If using laminating sheets, open up and cover it with the squares of tissue paper. We have not used contact paper but should be just as easy.
  • Slowly pull the plastic sheet on top and laminate.
  • Once its laminated use the print outs tocut out your butterflies.
  • Hang up in your windows and enjoy!

More Crafts

Arts & Crafts

Ordering Butterflies

Monarchs are the most popular butterfly. If you have milkweed near by you will be able to find eggs on the under side of the leafs, that you can start with. Will still need some kind of cage that allows you to see the different stages.

We have always ordered our butterflies from Insect Lore. The butterflies you will receive are “Painted Ladies”. They look similar to the monarch. I have made life cycles for both types.

If you are ordering butterflies please keep in mind the temperatures in your area. If they hatch and are released too early the cold temperatures may kill the butterflies. Insect Lore also sells the net cages and life cycle sets too.

  • A cup of 5 baby caterpillars and with all the nutritious food they need to grow into Painted Lady Butterflies
  • Pop-up, reusable 12-inch tall mesh habitat; collapses flat for easy storage
  • Chrysalis Holding Log for when your caterpillars develop into chrysalids
  • Flower-shaped Butterfly Feeder with two sugar packets and feeding dropper
  • STEM Butterfly Journal with learning activities such as writing prompts, word search, sequencing practice, life cycle learning, and coloring activities

Butterfly Journal