Preschool Math Activities

Math is used constantly in our everyday lives, including your little ones, before they even know what math really is.

  • Math equips us problem solving skills to help us find the best solutions to problems.
  • Math teaches us analytical skills for collecting and analyzing data, problem solving and making decisions.
  • It also makes us learn spatial reasoning which helps assess objects in order to visualize things how they would look while rotated.

Math skills are so important and finding playful and engaging ways to teach those skills to preschoolers is crucial.

Here are our Worksheets and Fun Activities

Printable Math Activities for Preschoolers

We have variety of early math worksheets but I’d suggest you check out My Math Workbook first. This workbook contains more than 60 pages of fun-filled activities that will expose your little one to the fun world of numbers, starting with the numbers 0 to 10. A variety of activities are included to help their brains develop the concept of numbers, addition and subtraction. There are also worksheets for numbers 1-20 for advanced learners.

My Math Workbook

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Here are Some of our Math Worksheets

Counting Sprinkles

Ice Cream Graphing

You can also check out some of these games and toys to help your little ones to learn math

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