Spring Activities for Families

If you are staying home on Spring Break, or even if you’re not, we have come up with some FUN activities to keep your kids busy. We came up with ideas for inside in case the weather does not permit you to venture outside. We also came up with a list of FUN activities to do outdoors too.

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Indoor Activities for Spring-

1. Plant an inside flower garden-

We start our plants inside in the Spring. It is too cold to do so outside. Plus, it’s so much fun to watch them grow. We often plant ours in clear plastic cups so we can see the roots and all. Then when its warm enough we transplant them outside in our flower beds. There are some flowers we grow every year along with new types to try something new.

2. Celebrate Spring with a party-

Spring is a time of renewal; everything is starting to grow. Why not have a little celebration for Spring. Bake some cupcakes, decorate for Spring, open the windows and let some fresh air in. 

3. Make Rainbow Crafts-

Rain is a big part of Spring. The saying “April showers bring May flowers” is said for a reason. After rain many times rainbows will appear. Rainbows are one of nature’s beautiful gifts. A Fun Fact about Rainbows is that you can never get to the end of a Rainbow because as you move the Rainbow moves too. 

4. Build a Fort with Pillows and Blankets-

Who doesn’t like a good fort? We  had many forts built throughout the years. If they were still up on the weekends, we often had sleepovers in the fort. Where we slept was actually cozier than our beds. Of course, we had to have lanterns, snacks and good books to read. The kids often made signs to name their forts. Those are some of the best memories.

5. Order Butterflies-

This was our preschooler’s favorite unit. We ordered Painted Ladies from www.insectlore.com. They came as tiny caterpillars. They come in their own container with the food they eat.  They grow quite fast. We would record the progress so everyone could see them growing and getting fatter. Once they went into the chrysalis or cocoon stage, we put them in the net cage we bought. It allowed us to watch when it was time for them to break free.  When they  come out their wings are wet and bent. As the wings dry out, they extend so the butterfly can fly. We always kept them until all the butterflies could fly. We had to feed them for a few days and then released them so all the kids could watch them go. Hint: Even if a chrysalis falls to the bottom of the cage leave it there. It may still hatch. We were    pleasantly surprised when this happened to us. 

6. Make a Spring Wish List-

Make a list of all the things you want to do as a family this Spring. What a great way to ensure your Family has FUN! Some of the fun things on our list is bike riding, roller blading, movie night, game night, hiking, looking for flowers that are starting to come out. Our favorite flower is the daffodil. We love the bright yellow ones. Ask your family what they want to do. I’m sure they will come up with quite the list. 

7. Have a Photoshoot-

Have the kids dress up any way they want and take photos. Selfies can be fun too. What a great way to be silly, laugh and be creative. When they are finished put together the pictures to share with friends and family.  Make sure the adults join in on the dressing up and photos. It’s easy to stay behind the camera. 

8. Have a Spa Day-

What a great way to have a little fun with the kids. Do everyone’s nails including Dad. Add new hair styles, makeup and a little relaxation. My kids always loved these days. They loved putting on makeup and doing their dads hair in bows. Lots of laughter and funny pictures. Now my granddaughter does this to her Papa. He doesn’t have as much hair as he used to but it is still lots of fun. Of course, we still take pictures!

9. Make Bird Feeders for the birds-

Spring is here and the birds are making their way back home. What a great way to welcome them. There are a lot of great ways to make bird feeders that are easy to do with your family. The birds will be happy to see what your family has created. In return your family will get to watch the birds feed at your homemade feeders. 

10. Scavenger Hunt-

Have you been planning a Spring Surprise for your family?  Here is a FUN way to have them search for clues that will eventually lead to the surprise. My preschoolers loved Scavenger Hunts. We would hide a special treat at the end for all the kids to find. So much excitement. They still talk about it to this day.   

Outdoor Activities for Spring-

1. Hike or Nature Walk-

Look and listen for the early signs of Spring. Walking through the woods is a good way to hear and see these signs, such as birds chirping, seeing the squirrels all over. If you look closely, you may find flowers peeking out from under the leaves. Buds may be starting to appear on the trees and bushes. Take our “Nature Walk Check List” with you and see how many you can check off.

2. Make a Nature Journal-

This does not have to be elaborate. In Spring our preschoolers would pick a tree in the yard and watch how it changes. We watched for buds and tiny leaves to start coming out. How the growth compared to the other trees we did not choose. It was exciting when the leaves finally decided to make an appearance. One year we chose a big Maple in the yard and when it provided enough shade and the weather permitted, we had a picnic under the tree to celebrate. Because everything is new, there are so many things to explore in the Spring.

3. Make a Kite and Fly It-

When I was growing up, we would make our own kites. We used newspaper or brown paper bags. On the brown bags we could draw pictures on them so we could tell whose was whose.  We would take them to this big field and fly them. Sometimes we had to work on them to get them to fly. My Dad is gone now but I still remember how he would hold up the kite and tell us to run with the string. Now they have fancy kites available. Either way flying a kite in a field is one of the many activity’s families can enjoy!

4. Bring out the Bubbles and Chalk-

Kids know Spring is here when the chalk and Bubbles come out. Bubbles seem to be the little one’s favorite.  They love to blow and make bubbles and they love to chase the bubbles too. 

Our neighborhood is full of girls who love to create chalk art on the sidewalks. They spend hours writing quotes, drawing Disney characters or making rainbows. Sometimes I go out and sit on the grass and watch them at work. Then the rain comes and washes it all away and they start over.

5. Dance in the Rain-

We put on rain coats and use umbrellas so we won’t get wet. But what if we didn’t? What if we went outside without the protection and played out in the rain? 

My grandma used to dance in the rain. I am sure people thought she was crazy. I just thought she was FUN! Take the Family outside and dance in the rain, jump in the puddles, play in the mud. People may think you’re crazy but I just think you’re FUN!

6. Visit a New Playground-

Find a new playground that you have never been to. There are plenty of neat playgrounds in communities near you. Take drinks and snacks so you can stay there for a while to explore.  We have a big community playground in our area we lovingly call the Fun Zone. Great place to meet new friends and have some Family Fun!

7. Plant some flowers-

As long as it’s warm enough, Spring is a great time to pick out flowers for your flower beds. Why not make it a family affair?  Have the kids help pick out some pretty flowers that are conducive to your area. I   had flowers in my beds that I never thought of having. Those have been some of my favorite flowers.

8. Go for a long Bike Ride-

Our community has what we call a Rail Trail. It’s a trail that was made where train tracks used to exist. It goes on for many miles and we often stop to get ice cream along the way. Many communities are replacing   train tracks with trails for families to bike, scooter or roller blade.  We even have families that run together on them. Check in your area if this is something your community has or if there are areas families can exercise and enjoy the fresh air.

9. Visit an Animal Farm-

Lots of farms have babies born in the Spring. What a great time to visit an animal farm and meet all the babies.  Sometimes they even let you feed them. If you’re really lucky they may let you hold them. Be sure to take lots of pictures of the new babies with your babies.

10. Get out in the Sun!-

It really doesn’t matter what you have planned. Just get out in the sun. Soak up that Vitamin D. Fresh air is good for everyone and may help your kids sleep better.  Nothing beats exercise and fresh air, except doing it as a Family.

This has been so much FUN putting this blog together. We hope whether your indoors or outdoors that you keep having fun as a family and that you continue to make memories your kids will talk about for years to come.

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