10 Fun Activities for Preschoolers

Here are ten activities that are not only fun but will work on skills with your preschoolers. Kids learn so much more when they are having fun while learning. Gather the supplies, download the worksheets, order the book and most of all have FUN!

1. Cutting Shapes

This activity helps little ones to learn shapes, learn to cut with scissors and will have a chance to use a glue stick. 

Have your little one color the shapes and cut out. On the second sheet have them glue them on the correct shape. Coloring and cutting helps with Fine Motor Skills. Grab your sheets here.

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2. Book and Craft

We have chosen “Bear Snores On” for this activity. This is a fun book to read and craft to go with it. You will need glue, brown and black construction paper, black marker and paper plate. You can use this book (order here) or use another book about bears. Either way reading and working on a craft is a great way to spend a morning or afternoon.

3. Fun with Colors

For this activity you will need a piece of construction paper in red, blue, green, yellow, orange and pink. Put the name of the colors on each sheet. This is a fun way for your little one to learn their colors. If they get really good at finding something for each color add a timer or have them race against a sibling or friend. Here’s a video to watch. Have fun!

4. Counting

Print out our Fun counting Activity. In this activity preschoolers will learn to feed the dog the correct number of bones. Print out this cute puppy, bones and numbers. It’s a good idea to laminate them if you’re planning on using them a lot.

5. Pinecone Birdfeeders

My granddaughter loves to feed the birds. This was an easy way to do just that and the supplies are few. This is a great fine motor skill activity. Here are the supplies needed: pine cones, peanut butter and bird seed.

6. Play with Playdough

Playing with play dough is a great way to strengthen fine motor skills. Add items like scissors, butter knife, pizza cutter, cookie cutters, spatula, little pots or pans and other kitchen items. Teaching little ones to use everyday items will help them in the long run. Practicing using them on play dough is not only fun but a great way to practice. Some examples of play could be to roll out a long snake and have them practice using scissors or a knife to cut it up.

7. Play Grocery Store

We have made playing at the grocery store simple for beginning preschoolers to early elementary kids. Take groceries you have in your cupboards, can goods, cereal, and other box foods, empty milk cartons, empty boxes of toothpaste or soap, etc. Make everything $1. Download our money and have a fun time. We have also added some grocery store themed worksheets.

8. Work on Writing Name

There are so many ways for little ones to practice writing their name. Our preschooler’s favorite was shaving cream. They loved writing their names and letters. Sand, salt finger paint and dry erase boards and markers to name a few. We also have Name Tracing worksheets you can order too.

9. Playing with Blocks

Playing is a very important part of childhood. Playing with blocks or Legos is great for fine motor skills as well as being creative. Having blocks out with dinosaurs, cars, animals or favorite characters they like to play with. They can build a jungle, a garage, a house or headquarters. The possibilities are endless.

10. Simple Math

Using the worksheets we provided, cut out the numbered squares and symbols. Have your preschooler collect small toys they enjoy. Lay out a number sentence. For example: 5 + 2 =. Then let them solve the number sentence using their small toys. We have also added a couple of simple math sheets too.

We have put this together with fun in mind. We hope you enjoy doing these preschool activities with your kids.  Most of these activities can be made to make it fun for an older child too. 

10 Fun Activities for Preschoolers